PF Chang’s Does Gluten Free Chinese RIGHT!

PF Changs  is my source for Gluten Free Chinese food. It maybe the only source literally but that’s a great thing because the food is delicious! Sometimes my Celiac condition can sometimes be a limitation and make me feel half normal. NOT at PF chang’s, yes I still have to be careful as eating out “cross contamination can occur”.

Their GF Menu

What I love about PF Chang’s is that they have an extensive gluten free selection. From appetizers, to entrées, even to desserts, they have got us gluten-challenged covered!

And with gluten free soy sauce but SAN-J, many of their classic dishes can be altered to be gluten free!

Their GF Processes

I also love that they have processes in place as well! For example, they have separate pots and pans specifically designated for gluten free orders.

Plus, you will know that you were correctly served your gluten free meal because all of their gluten free dishes are presented on a PF Chang’s logo’ed plate with Lines. NO LINES – NOT GLUTEN FREE!

Our GF Meal

PF Chang’s Dinner for Two is still the best deal, which came with an appetizer, soups, two entrées and nope sorry no desert anymore! It used to be $39.95 and come with a Gluten free chocolate dome flourless cake (DAIRY WARNING) but they just changed it in Seattle which is majorly disappointing. The price is a more hefty $49.95 for the meal and no more gluten free desert. *My assumption is the new $15 an hour wages law in Seattle has forced them not to be generous any longer.  It’s a shame really but I still enjoy the good food and atmosphere.


the best appetizer, is those famous Chicken Lettuce Wraps, a little spicy, of course!  This appetizer is a light & delicious way to start your dining experience!!  We absolutely adore the lettuce wraps!


Egg Drop Soup is next, which is naturally free of gluten. It is essentially chicken broth with pieces of egg in it.


For our entrées, I get the gluten free Mongolian Beef and my Wife does Chang’s Spicy Chicken!

The Mongolian Beef is to die for! I absolutely love the flavor of the green onions in this dish; they pair so nicely with the tender beef, which is marinated in a sweet gluten free soy sauce! Yes please!!

I preference beef over chicken but my wife loves the Spicy chicken. I DARE YOU TO TRY PF CHANG’S even if your not gluten free. IT’s SO GOOD. I should own a franchise someday. 🙂

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PF Changs

Author: DJ GF

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