Jack in the box® Gluten Free Options

On the go I’ve gotten accustom to taking a few risks. I wouldn’t advise you do the same, but this site is dedicated to showing you all the details of my celiac journey and what I trust and don’t. Jack in the box has allot of options and some listed below say contains gluten but it’s just the bun. I’ve politely informed them I have a gluten allergy and asked for glove changes etc an always gotten a polite response and helpful.

 My favorite item is the Sriracha burger, No Bun, No Cheese + regular fries. Risking curly fry contamination. 

Jack in the box says  “Like most restaurants, our restaurants prepare and serve products that contain Egg, Fish, Milk, Soy and Wheat. While a particular ingredient statement may not list one of these allergens, our products may be prepared with equipment that is shared with products containing one or more of these allergens. If you have a food allergy, please consult with your physician before deciding which Jack in the Box® products are right for you. We also recommend checking our “Ingredients & Allergen Statements” frequently as our menu and ingredients may change. If you have any questions regarding allergens in our restaurants, please contact Guest Relations at 1-800-955-5225.”

Author: DJ GF

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