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My experiences with celiac disease is unique to me, and as a result it led me down the path with mission–to raise awareness for celiac disease and those who are gluten sensitive! I have had a diehard attitude to help others become better informed and encourage others to take their health matters into their own hands if they find themselves without answers or if they are not getting the results they hoped for. You can find loads of free downloads on my Tipspage.

I have celiac disease, am mom of three ( 2 with celiac disease) and now a grandmother of a baby who is being raised so far off of all grains, and have always been a totally passionate foodie. I really make a mess in the kitchen and love every minute of it. I totally love to read cookbooks-all kinds! I also conduct cooking classes and private consulting: 1 on 1 private consulting for a Customized-Diet and Lifestyle Change, The Home Kitchen Ingredient’s Facelift and Restaurant Grain-Free Menu consulting. I enjoy helping others customize the diet for their personal needs and for those who need or want it I teach gluten-free eating and or about celiac disease. Contact me if you need any help at all or if you feel you may be celiac-or-gluten-sensitive.

aboutpic1I transformed into a gluten-free cook and baker as I HAD to be for physical reasons. Previous to this I went several years misdiagnosed with many body ailments to finally discover ( on my own) that  I have celiac disease, an auto-immune disease. I followed the gluten-free diet for many years while I worked diligently in this field. Many physical issues still did not fully resolve after 7 years, and eventually two of my three kids were positively diagnosed with celiac as well. Not seeing my 2 kids thrive physically and not feeling totally better on the “standard”gluten-free diet was my eye-opener. I did more research and Voila! Then I switched to the more paleo approach type diet, which is grain-free so essentially started over in the kitchen with my own recipes  and the way we ate. I had to toss all the grains and flours and stock up on healthy nut flours. I’m now a dedicated and constantly learning and developing paleo cook and baker yet this website has many of my initial gluten free grain recipes and info as well as a loaded help blog.

aboutpic6Currently I also advocate for a more grain free diet yet I remain very much 100% gluten-free, just no grains. I still continue my advocacy for the awareness of celiac disease and the detrimental effects of gluten (and grains) within most of our bodies. I will not ever force my views on anyone.

aboutpic3I truly love what I do and the incredible people I meet through my choice of diet, lifestyle and career. I love my life and really enjoy helping others. In a nutshell, I’m a cookbook-collecting, recipe-developing junkie, and I live in the kitchen. I love food and have a blast making a mess, and hate cleaning it up but it is all worth it.  I’m hooked on farmers’ markets, traveling, eating healthy, the ocean, hills, and hiking. I love to help others through my recipes, informative posts and my eBooks. I care about others, have fun, and sleeping is just plain boring.

I hope you enjoy what you find on this website and maybe even my others below.

aboutpic7PLEASE CHECK OUT MY OTHER WEBSITES: – all my 100% grain free recipes, hence 100% gluten free  – basically my enlarged business card – all about my award-winning children’s book

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