DJGlutenFree.com is a project by Todd K Mckellips...

Todd has been a professional DJ since 1998 starting his career in Music at Pattison’s South Roller Rink, 2003 attending Green River Community College Broadcasting program working with 89.9FM KGRG, 1300AM KENU, SPIRIT 105.3FM, 96.5 JACK FM, 1069FM, KUBE 93.3FM street teams and 50 different Venues. Todd had a stage career from 2001-2005 and went into mostly DJ-ing for the Seattle Seahawks and Weddings only. Todd started getting sicker and more ill in 2004 with Bloating issues and just “inkiness” as Todd describes.  In 2008 Todd went to the doctor after terrible stomach pains and the doctor told him to try 2 week experiments with Diary, Wheat etc. Instantly when Dairy was taken out of diet Todd felt so much better. In 2010 Todd again started experiencing stomach pains, bloating, lethargic, deep depression just from feeling like he didn’t want to eat. Food was just not appetizing anymore or enjoyable even after being 100% dairy free.

Sometime in April Todd was eating a bowl of oatmeal and had such bad pain he went to a medical clinic in Homer, Alaska. After some research about the health benefits of oatmeal there were only a few bad side effects regarding stomach pain including Coeliac disease. Todd asked the doctor if they could look into it and they issued a simple three vile blood test. Two weeks later Todd got the call that the test showed positive for Coeliac disease.  The doctors informed me to stay way from Wheat and Gluten. Not much else.

Most doctors won’t give you much instruction at all,  including Gluten includes Malt, Wheat, Barely, Rye and many more ingredients to look out for.

Weeks and weeks of non-stop salads, Todd started baking and quickly learned cooking with non-gluten flour is a tricky and delicate but not to hard to perfect. There has been ups and downs and allot of research. Todd started this project to serve others in informing them what works and what to be wary of after coming across multiple people, grocery shopping, friends and family who had no clue where to start. This site and the contributors thereof are dedicated to your health.